Asphalt Solutions Plus

During asphalt milling, entire or partial asphalt surfaces are removed while the pavement slope and grade are maintained or corrected. Asphalt Solutions Plus uses “in-house” Cold Milling equipment so that we can provide our customers with Partial or Full Depth Cold Milling. The depth is set before the milling begins and removal thickness depends on an evaluation of the condition of the asphalt surface. The end results is a textured pavement that can be used right away for driving or it can also be overlaid using a small amount of material. Asphalt Pulverization is a similar application we provide to our customers.

Partial Milling

During a partial milling, the top 1.5” to 2” of surface is removed. In the majority of situations, the binder asphalt layer below stays intact and a new asphalt layer is applied on top.The process of partial milling offers a significant savings to ASP customers.

Full Depth Milling

During full depth milling, the entire 3” to 5” inches of asphalt surface is removed including both the binder and surface asphalt layers. The thickness is contingent upon two factors which are the original thickness of the parking lot as well as how often the parking lot has been overlaid. After this process has been completed, only the gravel sub-base and minor sub-base work is needed before paving.

Asphalt Milling offers many benefits including:

  • Partial milling removes ONLY the surface of the asphalt that is no longer effective. This saves the binder asphalt layer below from needing to be replaced. Partial milling is very cost-effective and is often preferable to full depth milling.
  • Full depth milling removes both layers of asphalt and reduces the disruptions to the gravel sub-base. Reducing the sub-base preparation work and gravel installation is possible with full depth milling.
  • Milling allows for the safe and faster technology of replacing failed asphalt. It reduces the removal time by as much as 50% while reducing traffic flow interruptions.
  • It is a safe and clean process that generates no flames or smoke and only a small amount of dust that is controlled easily.

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