Asphalt Paving Bloomfield

Asphalt Paving bloomfield

If you are a business owner in Bloomfield, Michigan, then you don’t need to look further than Asphalt Solutions for the leading asphalt contractor Bloomfield is serviced by. We provide experienced and trained asphalt technicians that provide results for asphalt services. We are a family-owned and operated business that thrives on exceptional customer service.

Our comprehensive Bloomfield asphalt services include:

  • Complete reconstruction of asphalt surfaces
  • Asphalt repair, including overlays
  • New installations
  • Removal and repaving services

Asphalt Maintenance Services Offered in Bloomfield, Michigan

To minimize costly repairs in the future, and to get the most return on your investment, your asphalt surface should have an outstanding maintenance program. The team at Asphalt Associates can design and customize a maintenance plan for your asphalt. With our years of experience, the team at Asphalt Associates excel in reconditioning and maintaining asphalt. To get a customized maintenance plan for your asphalt that will meet you budget and needs please contact us today.

The maintenance services that will benefit your parking lot include:

  • Asphalt sealcoating
  • Patching of cracks
  • Sweeping of parking lots
  • Asphalt striping

And much more…

Bloomfield Asphalt Milling and Parking Lot Repair Solutions

Bloomfield endures a wide range of extreme weather. Cracks and gaps can start to develop when the ground freezes and thaws. If your parking lot is experiencing these conditions, then contact Asphalt Solutions. We’re one of the only providers of asphalt milling, which mills the existing broken asphalt until we can get to the base layer for repair.

Our parking lot repair and asphalt services include:

  • Infrared patching
  • Gap and crack repairs
  • Asphalt patching

And much more…

Bloomfield, Michigan

Bloomfield, Michigan has a population of 41,070. Bloomfield is home to the Detroit Skating Club where several world class figure skaters have trained. A few of the world class figure skaters who have trained at the Detroit Skating Club include Tara Lipinski, Jeremy Abbott, and Todd Eldredge.

The Kirk in the Hills is a must see when you are visiting Bloomfield, Michigan. The Kirk in the Hills was built in 1946, and the first service was held in 1958. The word “Kirk” is Scottish that means Church. The Kirk in the Hills sits on forty acres. The land has a beautiful lake and surrounded by trees and flowers. Inside the Kirk in the Hills is the Tower of Apostles, which is the world’s largest carillon. When you are visiting the Kirk in the Hills you will see breathtaking sculptures and architecture. It should be on the top of all visitors ‘to do’ list when visiting Bloomfield, Michigan.

Asphalt Solutions is the asphalt contractor that Bloomfield residents can trust. We have over two decades of experience and dedication to the city. We use the latest equipment, so we can provide affordable asphalt solutions for all parking lot problems. Contact Asphalt Solutions today, and let us customize a parking lot maintenance program for your asphalt. 

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