Remove and Replace

The remove and replace method of asphalt patching is the best choice for severely failed asphalt pavements. This technique completely removes the deteriorated asphalt until the base is revealed. When the base is revealed it may be determined that undercutting is needed to prevent future failure. When the asphalt is completely replaced it provides a long-term repair.

Remove and Replace Benefits

  • Sub-base is revealed for optimal repair
  • The old deteriorated asphalt is removed and new hot mix is installed
  • Reflective cracking is greatly reduced
  • Risk of future failure in repair area greatly reduced

Infrared Asphalt Repair

Infrared asphalt repair is an effective and cost saving repair that works best when pavement deterioration is caught in its early stages and not wide spread. This technique warms the existing asphalt in and around the repair area to over 325 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the same temperature that new asphalt is manufactured at the plant. This time saving technique is perfect for high traffic areas that need to be opened quickly.

The area to be repaired will be thoroughly cleaned and then heated to over 325 degrees Fahrenheit for approx. 5-10 minutes. Once the repair area has been heated, it will be raked to remove failed aggregate. A rejuvenator will be added to replenish the lost oils from oxidation. New hot mix asphalt is then added and blended into the existing. The repair area is then compacted with a vibratory roller to create a seamless finish.

Infrared Benefits

  • Cost saving
  • Uses fewer raw materials
  • Time saving
  • Can be opened quickly to traffic, fewer traffic interruptions
  • Creates seamless finish so water cannot penetrate

Drain & Manhole Repairs

Catch Basins, Manholes and Drain Repairs

Manholes and parking lot drains are subject to erosion because of the large amounts of water they are required to drain. The winter salt, freeze/thaw cycles and pooling water may cause the perimeter pavement to deteriorate requiring repairs just to pavement around the drain. In more severe cases, the internal structure of the mortar and bricks have washed out causing the structure to collapse. When the structure’s integrity has been compromised it may cause a liability for pedestrians or vehicles and must receive immediate attention.

Each case is unique and needs to be evaluated on a case to case basis. Our expert staff will examine the perimeter and underground components to determine the proper repair technique. Should the structure require, our staff will cut out and remove the pavement around the drain exposing the internal structure and rebuild it with bricks and motar. Once the structure has been adequately repaired, then the pavement ( concrete or asphalt ) can be replaced, contouring it so water is able to reach the drain.

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