Crack Repairs

Cracks repair is the most important way that you can guard against pavement deterioration. Cracks in your asphalt is one of the first signs of deterioration. Proper attention to cracks can prevent problems from spreading and helps double the life of the pavement. Crack repair in the early stages of deterioration can save you a large amount of money in costly repairs down the road. There are many reasons why cracks form in asphalt pavement such as weather, oxidation from water penetration and the sun, freeze/thaw cycle, and subpar paving applications. Effective repair will be able to prevent further water penetration through the crack and will seal the area between the crack and the sub base.

Benefits of Crack repair:

  • Keeps water from entering and weakening the base or sub-base
  • Prevents sand, stone, and dirt from entering and causing stress cracks
  • Extends the life of pavement by minimizing future cracking
  • Limits liabilities by creating a much safer surface

Crack Routing

Crack routing is the best process for cracks that have not previously been repaired. Routing slightly widens the crack and creates a more adequate reservoir for the crack sealant material to adhere. The result is a flexible crack that is sealed off from dirt and water. Crack Routing will provide much longer longevity over standard crack repair.

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