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Asphalt Paving flint For many years, our professional asphalt contractors have been serving the Flint, MI community.  Our team knows the Flint area and the needs of our clients.  We provide the best commercial asphalt paving services in the area and are dedicated to customer service.  To ensure the best service, we’ve invested in top of the line equipment to ensure that you receive the finished product that you deserve and our comprehensive asphalt paving services are designed to offer the best return on your investment.

Our asphalt paving solutions include:

  • Parking lot paving
  • asphalt patching
  • Installation of new asphalt
  • Reconstruction
  • Remove and repave
  • Asphalt overlay

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Asphalt Maintenance and Parking Lot Maintenance services

A pavement maintenance program for your parking lot or other asphalt surfaces is the best way to maximize the life of these surfaces.  By maintaining your asphalt parking lot or other surfaces, you can minimize costly repairs.  Our pavement maintenance and reconditioning for parking lots has been our bread and butter since we started Asphalt Paving Solutions.  We have created many programs that are cost effective and will suit your budget and future plans.  We offer a variety of asphalt maintenance services in Flint, MI including:

  • Seal coating
  • Crack sealing
  • Striping
  • Parking lot sweeping

And more.

Asphalt Repair and Parking Lot Repair in Flint

Michigan has some of the toughest weather around and the changing temperatures and precipitation causes wear and tear on our parking surfaces.  Whether your parking lot is concrete or asphalt, the freeze and thaw cycles as well as the heavy pressure placed on these surfaces can cause our parking lots to prematurely degrade.  Asphalt Paving Solutions is one of the leading private sector paving companies in Michigan and we can provide you with a range of commercial asphalt repair and parking lot repair services, such as:

  • Asphalt patching
  • Crack repair
  • Infrared patching

and more

Asphalt Milling 

We are one of the few asphalt contractors that handles milling.  This means you can be rest assured that our team is here to provide you with quality and unsurpassed services.  Milling is the ideal option if your asphalt surfaces have become too degraded.  By milling the asphalt, fixing your base layer and repaving, you can restore your asphalt surfaces to new again.

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