Asphalt Paving ann arbor Over the past years, our team of skillful trained, and totally professional commercial paving experts have been delivering top-notch service to all parts of central Michigan.  Not only are we dedicated to providing the best customer service, but the entire crew at Asphalt Solutions Plus is committed to giving the best results as well.  This is why we have only the newest paving equipment and gear, and know how to use it to give each customer the largest number of solutions and the best ROI (return on investment).

  • Best quality on top rated commercial paving services!

  • Michigan’s #1 resource for pavement maintenance

The Asphalt Paving Solutions available include:

  • Removing and repaving;
  • Asphalt overlay projects;
  • Brand new installations; and
  • Parking lot paving
  • Parking lot maintenance
  • Parking lot repair
  • Total reconstruction projects.

Parking Lot Maintenance in Ann Arbor and Asphalt Maintenance 

It is one thing to use experts to install pavement, but maintenance is a “must” as well.  Having a good parking lot and asphalt maintenance program is the one sure way to maximize your investment, limit repairs or damages, and prolong the life of your paving job.  Performing such pavement maintenance and reconditioning is something we have focused on since our earliest days of operation.  Because of this level of experience, we can offer you many cost effective services that fit into your available budget.

They include:

  • Parking Lot Sweeping;
  • Crack sealing as needed;
  • Sealcoating;
  • Striping; and

Much more!

Parking Lot Repair and Asphalt Repair

Of course, a good installation and regular maintenance may not be the “end of the story”. The unusual weather of central Michigan means hot summers and freezing winters, and this can seriously damage the best paving jobs. A single season of freezing and thawing can cause degrading of asphalt and parking areas, and even prematurely weaken the pavement. Because we are a main provider for commercial paving, we offer a long list of affordable parking lot repair and commercial asphalt repair services.

These include:

  • Crack repair as needed;
  • Asphalt patching;
  • Infrared patching services; and

Much more!

Resources for Asphalt Milling in Ann Arbor

When asphalt can no longer be repaired, milling is one of the only options. It involves lifting and grinding the old pavement, repairing the base layer, and repaving to complete the job. Few asphalt contractors in Ann Arbor can provide milling services, and fortunately we are chief among them! You can be sure that our team is highly experienced and able to give you only the finest services and results available.
Call our offices to discuss your milling options today!

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