Asphalt Crack Repair Grand RapidsThere are many reasons why cracks form in asphalt pavement such as weather, oxidation from water penetration and the sun, thaw/freeze cycle, and subpar paving applications. Effective repair will be able to prevent further water penetration through the crack and will seal the area between the crack and the sub base. Minimal cracks in asphalt and concrete can turn into larger ones over time especially in instances that water gets below the subsurface. When this occurs, it freezes, thaws, and then freezes again which results in the subsoil expanding and deteriorating the asphalt. A small repair in time can prevent this unwelcomed situation.

Asphalt Crack Filling

Asphalt Routing to Improve Crack Repair

Asphalt Solutions PlusAsphalt routing is offered by Asphalt Solutions Plus and allows the crack repair to have more longevity. It can only be performed on cracks that have not previously been treated with rubber. A standard mechanical crack routing machine opens up the crack and makes it wider in order to provide a wide enough space for the sealant. This guarantees that there is enough rubber in every area of the crack. Following this, the crack is thoroughly cleared of all debris and dirt as well as any existing vegetation. In areas where there is heavy vegetation, a heat lance may need to be used as well as weed killer applications to safeguard against future growth.

The last step in the process involves sealing the crack using a hot-applied sealant made of rubber. It is melted down from bulk brick in a melting kettle that is thermostatically controlled. It is applied while it is in molten state using applicator machines. The end result is a flexible crack that is sealed off from dirt and water. We strongly recommend this service every two to three years as standard asphalt maintenance.

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