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The remove and replace (R & R) method of asphalt patching is the time tested way of repairing asphalt pavements. R & R methods are more time consuming, require more manpower, expensive equipment, and more material and therefore cost more than infrared repairs. Instead of heating the existing asphalt to be repaired we actually remove the area entirely and replace it with new asphalt from the plant. The major advantage rip-out asphalt Patching has over infrared asphalt patching is the ability to see the sub base (gravel or dirt) and determine if it is the reason for the asphalt’s failure in that area. Typical repairs can also be repaired by the rip-out method. The sub base can then be examined upon rip-out to determine its condition. If the sub-base is the problem, then it can be repaired as well, thus greatly reducing any potential reflection cracking or future failure.

Infrared Asphalt PatchingAsphalt Paving Jackson MI. Jackson Crossings Asphalt Solutions Plus

Infrared repair* or Infrared Asphalt Patching, is a cost effective method of asphalt repair. Infrared repair techniques are faster than cutting out and replacing asphalt and they produce “seamless” perimeters.

How Does Infrared Patching Work?

Infrared machines warm the existing asphalt in and around the repair area to over 300 degrees Fahrenheit (the same temperature that new asphalt is manufactured at the plant). The soft asphalt can be scarified to mix with fresh asphalt as needed, and then compacted. This is an attractive repair that has recycled the existing asphalt.

Typical Repairs:Infrared Patching Services
• Potholes
• Deteriorated Areas
• Sunken Utility Cuts
• Depressions & Poor Water Drainage Catch Basins
• High/Low spots
• Cracks
• Oil Spots

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*This asphalt recycling program is intended for repair of existing localized asphalt pavement distresses not caused by weak sub grade or poor quality of existing materials in adjacent areas.

Infrared Asphalt Patching of a Parking LotInfrared Asphalt Patch

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