Pulverization describes the process of milling or grinding the surface of the asphalt and blending it in with the base underneath. This strengthens the base and creates a stronger foundation to build upon. Pavement pulverizing is a very effective and revolutionary method of reconstructing asphalt that is no longer effective. Pulverization fully rehabilitates the structural integrity of the underlying asphalt base and works to address reflective cracking and other issues by comprehensively recycling the base deficiencies. This method is utilized whenever the pavement is structurally compromised. Some examples of when pulverization can be used include parking lots that need continuous repair and upkeep due to potholes.Asphalt Pulverization MI

Understanding Asphalt Pulverization

Pulverizing is used to grind up the asphalt pavement as well as the topmost existing aggregate base up to 3 to 4 inches. This process allows the mixing of materials to make a blend that can be applied as a base to enhance the structural durability and increase the depth. This is different from Asphalt Milling.

Asphalt Solutions Plus owns its own pavement pulverizing equipment in order to remain self-sufficient and to give our clients the best service. In the year 2010, we decided that investing in the new Wirtgen W120F was not a luxury but was in fact a necessity. In our goal of remaining self sufficient, we believe this is a well justified investment that allows us to better serve the needs of our clients.

Pulverizing offers many benefits including:Asphalt Pulverization

  • Offers a much enhanced base on which to place the new asphalt
  • Helps correct the pavement
  • Offers complete structural restoration
  • Analyze and corrects the base layer deterioration
  • Allows for increased drainage flow
  • Helps conserve natural resources
  • Cost effective
  • Strengthens the shoulders of the road
  • Faster and more efficient than completely re-installing the asphalt
  • Reduces road congestion from trucks needing to haul broken asphalt


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