Historical Facts about Kalamazoo, MI

Kalamazoo, MI was originally a Native American name, even though its true meaning has not been fully understood. Some believed that it refers to boiling water, while others believe that it means something similar to a mirage of a reflecting river. Since the earlier days of European settling, the place has always supported a strong farming economy. At around 1850, iron furnaces and smelt bogs were founded within the county. This was a boost in the county’s economic activities and farming within the area. After the civil war, more investors settled in the region and began investing in industries such as paper manufacturing, and in 1885, a renowned physician from Hastings, Michigan invented a pill making machine and started making the first dissolvable pill within the region. 

Kalamazoo, MI is a great place to work!

Majority of the early settlers were fur traders from New York and parts of England, while others were from Pennsylvania and Maryland. After 1845, there were more immigrants because of the trading activities and the development of more industries within the region. This was a boost in the economic activity and cash flow within Kalamazoo, MI. between 1845 and 1860, there was a rapid increase in the population of the county as about 8,000 new comers settled. Between 1904 and 1920, the population grew to 214,000, which is an increase compared to the 1860 figure. Improved infrastructure and industrial growth contributed to the population growth in the Kalamazoo County.

Another aspect that has been a source of pride to most of the residents is the education facilities within the region. In 1859, the first public high school was built in the region. Besides, in April 1833, the territorial governor signed a legislation that authorized a charter for the Michigan and Huron institute. And, of course, one cannot forget Kalamazoo football!

The Geography of Kalamazoo Kalamazoo is one of the best cities in Miichigan

Most of the City is located on the south west bank of the major band in the Kalamazoo River. However, a small portion (7.3 square Kilometers) of the city is located on the opposite bank. The north Eastern portion of the Kalamazoo is on the Kalamazoo Valley. Kalamazoo is extremely abundant with natural beauty, and there are so many amazing places with an excellent view located right in the city. It is worth a visit just to have a hike through our Northern forests and valleys.

The suburban population of the city is located to the south to the west in the Oshtemo and Texas Township and the city of Portage. The region has a humid continental climate. The summers can be very hot, humid and long especially from May to September. The winters are fairly severe, but it just means that the local populace can handle just about anything. The snowfall can be pretty intense, but it sure is nice to see the seasons change so dramatically! As per the census of 2010, there were 29,141 Households and 13, 453 Families residing within the city.

Kalamazoo is a great place to visit and live in, with tons of history and lots of great things to see in the present day, as well. Visitors will not be disappointed!

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