Asphalt Solutions Plus is Eaton Rapids MI’s most trusted parking lot sealcoating company for all kinds of commercial clients including business owners, commercial manufacturing, and even school systems because we have experience with a ton of different asphalt parking lot situations. We’re a full service paving company with the equipment and training to tackle any kind of asphalt repair and maintenance, and we’re dedicated to our central Michigan clients.

One of our local school systems recently contacted us about one of their campus parking lots that hadn’t had any maintenance since it had been installed! One of our experienced parking lot experts rushed out to give the site a thorough inspection, and they uncovered several common asphalt problems.

When left alone, asphalt pavement often develops cracks, potholes, and asphalt deterioration because of the way the material interacts with moisture, sunlight, and pressure. Water will create cracks when it soaks into the porous pavement surface and freezes, breaking it up. The sun also penetrates the asphalt and breaks down the binders inside, and then the pressure of vehicles passing over the pavement can cause cracks or shifting. All of these types of damage had happened on this campus parking lot.

To bring the school parking lot back to full function, we sealed all cracks with high quality crack fillers. Next, we sealed over the entire parking lot area with a sealcoating that puts oils back into the asphalt and protects against further wear and damage. Finally, we painted new parking lot stripes and pavement markings, which were very visible against the new black surface. The campus property manager was so pleased with the brand new parking lot.

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