Asphalt Solutions Plus was recently contacted by a Michigan school property manager about their dangerously worn asphalt. They wanted to revamp their asphalt pavement without busting their budget, and Michigan’s premier parking lot maintenance company was happy to help with their top-notch pavement maintenance services.

After inspecting the site, our pavement expert determined that a sealcoating would be able to bring their asphalt back to life. Sealcoating is a process that applies a hot sealer over an old or damaged pavement surface, which flows into cracks and replenishes oils that asphalt binders need to stay flexible. An asphalt sealcoat is a cost effective way to revamp pavement because it can extend pavement life for years and put off more expensive asphalt repairs like repaving.

The professional pavement contractors from Asphalt Solutions Plus applied high quality sealers to the entire paved area on the Michigan school campus. There were twelve total parking lots for almost a million square feet of asphalt that needed sealcoating, and our crew put down two coats over every foot in order to get the campus asphalt looking good and safe for both students and faculty.

Our experienced pavement contractors have been working in the industry in central Michigan since 1998, and they formed a new company, Asphalt Solutions Plus, in 2009 to better serve our local clients. We’re happy to help revitalize old pavement or provide durable new asphalt pavement to our customers all through the state. For more information about how we can improve your central Michigan property, contact us right away.

Michigan new asphalt

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