Lansing MI’s trusted paving company, Asphalt Solutions Plus, were recently able to help a local school revamp their asphalt parking lots and walkways with pavement repair services that didn’t break the bank. We are happy to help all types of clients improve their pavement to keep visitors to their properties safe, and we were doubly happy to help one of our local central Michigan schools.

After a thorough pavement inspection, the service that we settled on to bring their asphalt back to full function was an overlay. This service lays a thin layer of asphalt over an existing pavement surface to provide a brand new top layer without disturbing the underlying layers. Usually the existing asphalt is professionally cleaned first so that the asphalt overlay will properly adhere.

The benefits of asphalt overlays include cost-effectiveness, durability, protection from further wear, and added flexibility to dry asphalt. This service is similar to a sealcoating, but an asphalt overlay is much thicker than a sealcoat, which means it lasts longer and can even fill in minor cracking and surface damage. Cracks can reflect through an overlay eventually, but this is a great way to revitalized pavement that has been worn away but isn’t severely deteriorated. An overlay is also much cheaper than a full asphalt replacement.

The school’s property manager was overjoyed with the new asphalt parking lots and walking paths. Everything looked so fresh, just like new facilities, but for a fraction of the cost of replacing the pavement. At Asphalt Solutions Plus, we are proud to serve Lansing MI locals through their schools and municipalities as well as commercial business.

Lansing MI asphalt overlay school

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