Asphalt Company Performs Parking Lot Paving for Lansing MI School

Lansing MI’s trusted paving company, Asphalt Solutions Plus, were recently able to help a local school revamp their asphalt parking lots and walkways with pavement repair services that didn’t break the bank. We are happy to help all types of clients improve their pavement to keep visitors to their properties safe, and we were doubly happy to help one of our local central Michigan schools.

After a thorough pavement inspection, the service that we settled on to bring their asphalt back to full function was an overlay. This service lays a thin layer of asphalt over an existing pavement surface to provide a brand new top layer without disturbing the underlying layers. Usually the existing asphalt is professionally cleaned first so that the asphalt overlay will properly adhere.

The benefits of asphalt overlays include cost-effectiveness, durability, protection from further wear, and added flexibility to dry asphalt. This service is similar to a sealcoating, but an asphalt overlay is much thicker than a sealcoat, which means it lasts longer and can even fill in minor cracking and surface damage. Cracks can reflect through an overlay eventually, but this is a great way to revitalized pavement that has been worn away but isn’t severely deteriorated. An overlay is also much cheaper than a full asphalt replacement.

The school’s property manager was overjoyed with the new asphalt parking lots and walking paths. Everything looked so fresh, just like new facilities, but for a fraction of the cost of replacing the pavement. At Asphalt Solutions Plus, we are proud to serve Lansing MI locals through their schools and municipalities as well as commercial business.

Lansing MI asphalt overlay school

New Business Calls for Top Lansing Paving Contractor

A retail store recently opened up a new pharmacy after building an expansion to the building. They needed some extra spaces repaved to handle the traffic that they were expecting for the pharmacy. They called the top paving contractor in Lansing, MI, which was Asphalt Solutions Plus. We let the store owner that they called the right paving contractor, because Asphalt Solutions Plus will recommend the appropriate services for the project.

Our expert staff met with the customer and we gave her the estimate that she could afford. The staff returned to the store two days later to repave the parking spaces. Once we had the spaces repaved we let the customer know that we could keep the entire parking lot in good working order with our parking lot maintenance services. We told the customer that we had a wide range of maintenance services, which include sealcoating, striping, sweeping, and more, and our maintenance services would prevent her from having costly repairs in the future. The customer said she would definitely think about that, because Asphalt Solutions Plus is her personal paving contractor in Lansing. She said the parking lot spaces look great and just what she was wanting and needing. The customer said that she knows that her regular customers and new customers would take advantage of having a pharmacy with the store, so they could do all their shopping in one area. Asphalt Solutions Plus is happy that we could meet the expectations and become her paving contractor in Lansing.

Production manager calls for a quick parking lot repair

Safety issue in a Parking lot in West Lansing

A few weeks ago, a Lansing production manager called dour office needed a really quick pavement repair. He was dealing with a very large traffic flow of large trucks in and out all day. These large trucks had caused the asphalt to deteriorate in the main roadway entrance. The dip that was caused in the road began to grow larger and larger until it was a crater. The trucks could no longer travel the roadway in safety and this was slowly the traffic flow and interfering with business.
Asphalt Solutions was called and met with the Manager to give him some options. The manger was so grateful and had us fix this crater ASAP. Asphalt Solutions Paving/Patching crew took care of the issue and the roadway is like brand new. Business is back to normal thanks to Asphalt Solutions Plus.

Lansing Parking Lot Paving For New Drive-Through

A sandwich shop owner was wanting to start a drive thru section because they had the windows installed on the side of the building and just needed the drive thru lane installed. He called Asphalt Solutions Plus for the Lansing parking lot paving, and we were able to pave a new area while also striping and marking it so people would know where to go. The only demand that the owner had was that we had to do the work while he was open, because he couldn’t close down his business now after spending the money to improve it. We understood this and let the owner know that we would be able to work around his business, and we would not disturb any of his customers.

New Drive Thru lane paving begins

The Asphalt Solutions Plus crew arrived at the business and started the paving process. Our crew got the new drive thru lane installed and added bright yellow arrows and striping to direct customers to the drive thru. The crew had all the projects done ahead of schedule, which impressed the customer. Their business has been booming ever since the drive thru has opened and has literally paid for itself. The customer said that our crew outdid themselves with the Lansing parking lot paving, because it looked better than he ever envisioned. He is telling all his customers that Asphalt Solutions Plus is the asphalt specialists to contact in Lansing, because we are knowledgeable, professional, and very affordable.

Sealcoating in Lansing Improves Durability of Asphalt

Recently, Asphalt Solutions was contacted by a previous customer. The customer had used our services over the summer and received quality Lansing sealcoating services. The customer told us how glad that he was that they got services from us, because their asphalt is still in great shape despite being hit hard with snow and salt for a couple of months now. The customer continued to say that they would be calling us again in the warmer months so we could make sure that their asphalt surface would continue to last.

Asphalt Solutions is always thrilled to hear from our customers. We enjoy hearing that their asphalt is still in good shape and how pleased that they are with the services that we provided from them. Many customers don’t realize that if they have regular asphalt maintenance and sealcoating Lansing homeowners will have their asphalt lasting longer and looking great all year long. This Lansing customer received sealcoating in the summer and having that sealcoating applied allowed for this customer to remove any snow and ice with ease and the asphalt warms up quickly from the sun, so many times the customer didn’t even have to get out and shovel snow or ice. Asphalt Solutions is the professional sealcoating contractor Lansing residents can contact for the best asphalt services. Asphalt Solutions looks forward to servicing this customer again when the summer arrives, so the customer won’t have to worry about costly repairs.

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