A sandwich shop owner was wanting to start a drive thru section because they had the windows installed on the side of the building and just needed the drive thru lane installed. He called Asphalt Solutions Plus for the Lansing parking lot paving, and we were able to pave a new area while also striping and marking it so people would know where to go. The only demand that the owner had was that we had to do the work while he was open, because he couldn’t close down his business now after spending the money to improve it. We understood this and let the owner know that we would be able to work around his business, and we would not disturb any of his customers.

New Drive Thru lane paving begins

The Asphalt Solutions Plus crew arrived at the business and started the paving process. Our crew got the new drive thru lane installed and added bright yellow arrows and striping to direct customers to the drive thru. The crew had all the projects done ahead of schedule, which impressed the customer. Their business has been booming ever since the drive thru has opened and has literally paid for itself. The customer said that our crew outdid themselves with the Lansing parking lot paving, because it looked better than he ever envisioned. He is telling all his customers that Asphalt Solutions Plus is the asphalt specialists to contact in Lansing, because we are knowledgeable, professional, and very affordable.

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