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Kalamazoo Parking Lot Sealcoating and Striping Project

Kalamazoo business owners may not know who to turn to if they need their parking lot serviced, but there’s a paving company with over 120 years combined experience in the asphalt industry dedicated to serving southwestern Michigan. We have services like parking lot sealcoating and striping that can restore a worn lot in no time.

Trust Asphalt Solutions Plus with Your Parking Lot Needs

Here’s some parking lot sealcoating and striping best practices from Kalamazoo MI’s trusted commercial paving company, Asphalt Solutions Plus!

  • Get sealcoating early. – The best time to sealcoat your parking lot is before it’s developed issues like alligator cracking that need to be fixed, so it’s a good idea to sealcoat even a newly installed parking lot to protect it from wear.
  • Get sealcoating often. – For commercial asphalt that sees a lot of vehicle traffic, you should get sealcoating services yearly. Less busy parking lots can get sealed every 2 – 3 years.
  • Asphalt sealcoating is the best service to get before line striping. – Not only does it protect your parking lot, sealcoating creates a smooth, dark surface that not only lets traffic paint adhere better but also makes parking lines and symbols more visible.
  • Don’t let your parking lot lines get faded. – Parking lines and traffic symbols need to stay bright to reduce accidents on your property.
  • Keep your parking lot ADA compliant. – Having handicapped parking spaces that are well marked and accessible is important for both liability and regulatory purposes.

Ready to upgrade and protect your parking lot in Kalamazoo MI? Asphalt Solutions Plus is waiting for your call!

Track and Parking Lot Paving in Homer MI High School

In Michigan, Asphalt Solutions Plus is the trusted paving company because of our long history in the area and our dedication to quality work. We’re Homer MI’s go-to paving company because we’re full service and can perform all aspects of a pavement job. We’re also dedicated to our local communities, so when we got a call from a facility manager at the high school, we were happy to help them install a new asphalt sports area for the students.

Though most people think about parking lots and roads when someone says asphalt, this pavement material is also very good for running tracks and sport courts. As the area’s most experienced paving company, we know how to construct an asphalt running track so that it will last for decades. The best way to create a long lasting asphalt parking lot is to start with a well draining, stable gravel base, use only the highest quality asphalt, and finish it with state of the art compacting equipment.

Our crew was able to use those techniques to pave a running track for a Homer MI High School that will give students a place to run and exercise for decades to come. Not only did we pave the high school running track and exercise area, we also paved a nearby parking lot to give parents, faculty, and students a safe place to park while they were at the athletics facility.

Ready to improve your property with new pavement? Contact the best asphalt paving company in MI, Asphalt Solutions Plus, to get the same high level of service as the Homer MI high school.

Parking Lot Repaving in Battle Creek MI for Local Hospital

Battle Creek MI’s trusted paving company, Asphalt Solutions Plus, is always ready to help our local businesses and municipalities keep visitors to their properties safe with asphalt repairs, all without interrupting use for too long. We were recently able to help a local hospital with their parking lot, which was too small and had some common pavement issues.

During our initial consultation with the hospital’s property manager, we found out that the lot had several islands that were deteriorating and interrupting traffic flow. Our expert asphalt inspection also uncovered some pavement issues like cracks and potholes that would be best fixed by repaving. With this in mind, we decided to completely remove all the parking islands, then repave the entire parking lot.

To reduce business interruptions, our crews worked in sections to revamp the hospital parking lot. First we excavated the parking islands, broke up and removed all soil, concrete, and broken asphalt. Next, we used special asphalt milling equipment to remove the top asphalt layer and leave an evenly textured surface that will let new asphalt adhere. Then we applied a layer of fresh asphalt and leveled it. Finally, we painted parking lines on the new asphalt, creating dozens of new parking spaces on the repaved lot.

If your commercial property has seen better days, you can trust that the parking lot experts at Asphalt Solutions Plus have the right equipment and processes to get your asphalt pavement back to full function. We’ll also bring your parking lot back to life in a timely manner so you don’t lose business!

Parking lot sealcoating project for Hospital in Battle Creek

The skilled commercial paving team at Asphalt Solutions Plus had the opportunity to take on a parking lot paving project for a local hospital in Battle Creek, MI.

The hospital had not had their parking lot sealcoated and striped in years. With the large amount of snow and ice that this area sees every winter, the snow plows are often rough on parking lots. Once that moisture begins to seep into the pavement, it leads to cracking and much larger problems. This can lead to major liability problems – especially for a hospital. The lines were also beginning to fade.

Recognizing the need for updates to his commercial parking lot pavement, this long-time client of ours reached out to us. We chatted about the issues and he chose to go with the sealcoating option because he knew that it would safeguard against water penetration, breaking down the penetration of his pavement.  We scheduled to come out during the middle of the week the following week.


We arrived on a Tuesday and got to work right away. We performed crack repairs to guard against further deterioration and liability problems and we also sealocoated the parking lot to protect the asphalt, while making it look brand new. We also performed line striping so the spaces in the parking lot are much easier to see.

The client contacted us, thrilled that his parking lot now looks brand new.

Thank you for being a long-time commercial asphalt paving client of Asphalt Solutions Plus!

New Business Calls for Top Lansing Paving Contractor

A retail store recently opened up a new pharmacy after building an expansion to the building. They needed some extra spaces repaved to handle the traffic that they were expecting for the pharmacy. They called the top paving contractor in Lansing, MI, which was Asphalt Solutions Plus. We let the store owner that they called the right paving contractor, because Asphalt Solutions Plus will recommend the appropriate services for the project.

Our expert staff met with the customer and we gave her the estimate that she could afford. The staff returned to the store two days later to repave the parking spaces. Once we had the spaces repaved we let the customer know that we could keep the entire parking lot in good working order with our parking lot maintenance services. We told the customer that we had a wide range of maintenance services, which include sealcoating, striping, sweeping, and more, and our maintenance services would prevent her from having costly repairs in the future. The customer said she would definitely think about that, because Asphalt Solutions Plus is her personal paving contractor in Lansing. She said the parking lot spaces look great and just what she was wanting and needing. The customer said that she knows that her regular customers and new customers would take advantage of having a pharmacy with the store, so they could do all their shopping in one area. Asphalt Solutions Plus is happy that we could meet the expectations and become her paving contractor in Lansing.


Recently, a subdivision in Jackson needed a quote for crack repair and sealcoating their main private roadway. Asphalt Solutions Plus was just one of the three bids the home owner’s association needed to receive. The head of the association called Asphalt Solutions and awarded them the project even though they weren’t the lowest bid. The sales representative and the company’s reputation was so impressive that they went with them even though they were more money. In the past they had crack repaired and sealcoating their roadway and learned that going with the cheapest company, you get what you pay for. This year they went with Asphalt Solutions and the job turned out better than expected and the homeowners were left smiling at their investments.


Recently, Asphalt Solutions Plus was contacted by a very large in church in the Kalamazoo/Portage area. The grounds and maintenance manager needed a quote in a very short period of time so that he could have numbers
Together for his annual budget meeting. Asphalt Solutions called up their best sales representative and sent him right over. The church board was so pleased that the proposal was completed within just a few hours after they called that Asphalt Solutions Plus was hired to complete the job. The board had some bad experiences in the past with other contractors not returning their calls, they were simply overjoyed when Asphalt Solutions Sales Representative jumped through hoops to get there quickly. The church was overjoyed from the beginning of the project all the way to the end and the church will be a customer for life!

Lansing Parking Lot Paving For New Drive-Through

A sandwich shop owner was wanting to start a drive thru section because they had the windows installed on the side of the building and just needed the drive thru lane installed. He called Asphalt Solutions Plus for the Lansing parking lot paving, and we were able to pave a new area while also striping and marking it so people would know where to go. The only demand that the owner had was that we had to do the work while he was open, because he couldn’t close down his business now after spending the money to improve it. We understood this and let the owner know that we would be able to work around his business, and we would not disturb any of his customers.

New Drive Thru lane paving begins

The Asphalt Solutions Plus crew arrived at the business and started the paving process. Our crew got the new drive thru lane installed and added bright yellow arrows and striping to direct customers to the drive thru. The crew had all the projects done ahead of schedule, which impressed the customer. Their business has been booming ever since the drive thru has opened and has literally paid for itself. The customer said that our crew outdid themselves with the Lansing parking lot paving, because it looked better than he ever envisioned. He is telling all his customers that Asphalt Solutions Plus is the asphalt specialists to contact in Lansing, because we are knowledgeable, professional, and very affordable.

Battle Creek Parking Lot Sealcoat Adds Curb Appeal For Boutique

Asphalt Solutions Plus was scheduled to give service to a business owner in Battle Creek. The business owner, wanted us to sealcoat her parking lot. The owner had a small boutique and her parking lot was looking unattractive. We are glad that she called us out when she did because sealcoating a parking lot will protect it and bring an amazing curb appeal that business owners need to attract people.

New lot sealing project begins

The Asphalt Solutions Plus crew arrived promptly on time on Saturday at the customer’s request. She wanted us to do the sealcoating when her business was not operating. We immediately cleaned the parking lot then filled a few cracks that needed filling prior to the sealcoating. The crew then sealcoated the parking lot. We contacted the customer on Monday morning to get her opinion on the sealcoating. The customer said she was thrilled when she pulled up to her business, because the parking lot looked phenomenal. She said she was thrilled with our services. We asked her how she came to hire us, and she said she did a search on Google, and our company appeared. She said she went through the reviews that were left, and all the customer reviews were good, then she had us give her a bid, which she could afford. The customer said she would return to give us a review, which she did. The review said, “I can’t thank the team at Asphalt Solutions Plus enough for doing an amazing job sealcoating my parking lot. They really went above what I expected. A very professional team, with affordable prices. I would recommend their services.”

Asphalt Solutions Plus would like to thank you for trusting us with your parking lot, and business. We would like to thank you for the kind words you left us in your review. It really means a lot to us when our customers leave us a review, because it lets potential customers know that we do exactly what we say, “We promise outstanding asphalt services.” We wanted to let you know that we also provide other services that you may want to take advantage of for your parking lot, such as snow removal, patching, striping, and total maintenance. Contact us anytime, and we can go over our services with you.

For more information on our pavement maintenance services, click here!

University Administration Requests Ann Arbor Paving Bid

Recently, Asphalt Solutions Plus received a call from a university building administrator. The administrator was needing the entrance to a building repaired quickly since it was beginning to damage vehicles and become a nuisance. He called the best company for paving Ann Arbor offers, which was Asphalt Solutions Plus.

We met with the administrator to inspect the entrance damage and give him a thorough estimate. We agreed with the administrator that the paving needed to be repaired as soon as possible, because someone may become injured or they would be responsible for extensive vehicle damages. Our crew gave him the estimate and he asked us to start on the repairs as soon as we could. We let him know that we could return first thing the following morning, which we did. The crew started patching potholes and filling cracks, then applied sealcoating to add strength and durability to the paving. The crew was able to have the repairs done for the customer within two days. The university’s administrator and other facility members were so happy to see the repairs were done and thanked Asphalt Solutions Plus for providing outstanding paving Ann Arbor students and visitors would appreciate. The customer said that he doesn’t have to worry now that the paving is fixed. He said that it doesn’t look good for the university when maintenance isn’t performed. We were glad to perform great service for a client in need.

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