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Sealcoating in Lansing Improves Durability of Asphalt

Recently, Asphalt Solutions was contacted by a previous customer. The customer had used our services over the summer and received quality Lansing sealcoating services. The customer told us how glad that he was that they got services from us, because their asphalt is still in great shape despite being hit hard with snow and salt for a couple of months now. The customer continued to say that they would be calling us again in the warmer months so we could make sure that their asphalt surface would continue to last.

Asphalt Solutions is always thrilled to hear from our customers. We enjoy hearing that their asphalt is still in good shape and how pleased that they are with the services that we provided from them. Many customers don’t realize that if they have regular asphalt maintenance and sealcoating Lansing homeowners will have their asphalt lasting longer and looking great all year long. This Lansing customer received sealcoating in the summer and having that sealcoating applied allowed for this customer to remove any snow and ice with ease and the asphalt warms up quickly from the sun, so many times the customer didn’t even have to get out and shovel snow or ice. Asphalt Solutions is the professional sealcoating contractor Lansing residents can contact for the best asphalt services. Asphalt Solutions looks forward to servicing this customer again when the summer arrives, so the customer won’t have to worry about costly repairs.

Bloomfield Asphalt Service Request from Running Store

Asphalt Solutions Plus had a customer give us feedback this winter. The running apparel store owner called us to tell us that his asphalt is in way better shape than it was at this same time last year, because he called us for Bloomfield asphalt services last summer. He just wanted to let us know how glad he was that he had prepared for the harsh winter.

The customer said that Asphalt Solutions Plus did some asphalt maintenance that included pothole filling, crack filling, then sealcoating was applied. He said that since he did that the parking lot was easier to keep clean and was a breeze to remove any snow and ice, because the asphalt surface was smooth. He said we were right about the sealcoating too. He said that we recommended the sealcoating not just for appearance reasons, but the heat from the sun would also help heat the surface so that the snow and ice could be removed much faster and with ease, and it has done that for him. The customer said that every summer he will have Asphalt Solutions Plus back out,because having the annual asphalt maintenance performed will make his asphalt last longer and keep the costs down for repair. He mentioned how important it was to prepare the asphalt for the cold and bitter winter that we know is coming. The customer said he is pleased to let everyone know that Asphalt Solutions Plus is the asphalt company to contact for all their paving needs.

Production Manager Calls Best Asphalt Company in Grand Rapids

Recently, Asphalt Solutions Plus was contacted by a production facility owner. The production facility owner was looking to have his lot expanded, because he had hired about forty new employees and needed the lot expanded so that the new employees would have a place to park their vehicles. The owner explained that the expanded lot would have to be on point and could not go over budget, so he called the only Grand Rapids asphalt company that would be on budget and efficient without cutting corners on quality.

The Asphalt Solutions Plus let the owner know that we would come out and look over the area where he wanted the new lot expanded, then give him a bid that he would be pleased with. The Asphalt Solutions Plus experts arrived at the location and looked over the area thoroughly, then gave the customer an estimate that he would be pleased with. We understand that when customers are on a tight budget and we do everything that we can to stay within that budget. The customer agreed to the bid and wanted our company to get started quickly. The crew arrived the following morning and started the asphalt project. Within just a week our crew had the lot expansion completed and all within the budget that the customer was working with. The customer looked over the new lot and called us to let us know that our crew did a fantastic job. He said Asphalt Solutions Plus is the professional asphalt company Grand Rapids businesses can depend upon.

Canton Paving Company Helps Store with Shopping Season

A large department store was gearing up for the holidays, and called the paving company Canton businesses trust. We got the call at Asphalt Solutions Plus to help them with parking lot maintenance, which they needed so that none of their business would be interrupted during the holidays. Asphalt Solutions Plus met with the department store owner so we could see exactly what he wanted done to his parking lot. The owner said he wanted us to do any parking lot maintenance that it needed because November and December is the busiest times of the year and he wanted to make sure that his customers had a safe parking lot for them and their cars.

The Asphalt Solutions Plus paving specialists looked over the parking lot and let the owner know that the parking lot needed to have several cracks and potholes filled, then a nice sealcoating would be attractive, and yet provide the asphalt with strength and durability that is needed for all the traffic that the parking lot would be receiving. The owner agreed, and our team returned Monday morning to start the maintenance work. By Friday, the team had the maintenance performed and the parking lot was ready for the busy holiday traffic. The owner was delighted that our team was able to do this so quickly and efficiently. He said he would be sure to call us anytime he needed work done to his parking lot in the future because we were the paving company Canton shoppers would appreciate.

Ann Arbor Paving Contractor Needed at Bagel Shop

Asphalt Solutions Plus had recently provided asphalt work for an Ann Arbor bagel shop. The Ann Arbor bagel shop owner needed to have their back space repaved after years of trucks coming in and out with deliveries. The constant traffic of heavy trucks along with the Mother Nature and chemicals had start to take its effect on the asphalt, so the owner called the best paving contractor Ann Arbor had to offer, and we were glad their production of fresh, hot bagels would be uninterrupted thanks to Asphalt Solutions Plus.

The Asphalt Solutions Plus crew started the repaving process. Our crew first cleaned the area, then they filled any holes or cracks that were made in the space. Once these important steps were done our crew repaved the back space. The crew done this without one interruption of the business. We made sure that the bagel shop could still perform their business as usual while we performed our services. The owner of the shop stopped by when our crew was cleaning up to leave the project. He said he was pleasantly surprised that we were able to work around the deliveries and pickups that the shop was doing. He said the asphalt looked great and was glad he contacted Asphalt Solutions Plus because we were the qualified paving contractor Ann Arbor bagel lovers would really appreciate. He offered each one of our crew members a hot, fresh bagel and thanked us all for doing an amazing job.


Shop Owner Calls Best Plymouth Asphalt Company

A few weeks ago, Asphalt Solutions Plus was contacted by a Plymouth ice cream shop owner. The shop owner was getting ready for winter and needed an asphalt company Plymouth residents could count on, so they called us. The shop owner wanted to make sure his parking lot was safe and durable for his customers. The weekend was coming up and was going to be a busy so he wanted Asphalt Solutions Plus to come out and look over his parking lot and make any repairs that might be needed.

The Asphalt Solutions Plus crew arrived at the establishment and they inspected the parking lot thoroughly. There wasn’t much damage or deterioration, but there were a few cracks and a large pothole that needed attention. The crew started by filling the cracks, and followed up by patching the pothole. Our crew was able to get the repairs done that same day. The customer was happy with the work that we provided. He said that he and his employees had done all of their prep during that week so they could be ready for a busy weekend. Now the owner doesn’t have to worry about having anything except the operation of his ship thanks to the Asphalt Solutions Plus. We are proud to be the asphalt company Plymouth residents and business owners can count on for the best asphalt services possible. One of our crew members went to the ice cream shop that weekend because he wanted to try one of the delicious treats. He said all the customers were happy and the parking lot was full with ice cream eating patrons.

Apartment Tenants Need Fast Asphalt Patching in Bloomfield

Asphalt Solutions Plus was contacted by an apartment complex owner who was seeking asphalt patching in Bloomfield. He was referred to us by a carpenter that had done work for him. The Bloomfield carpenter completed a job renovating some of the interiors in an apartment complex when he noticed several large potholes in the parking lot. He told the apartment complex owner that he didn’t do asphalt work, but he did know an excellent and dependable asphalt company. He recommended Asphalt Solutions Plus for the Bloomfield asphalt patching. He told the landlord that he had worked on several businesses and they all used Asphalt Solutions Plus for their parking lots, and that they all seemed highly satisfied.

We went out to the apartment complex and inspected the parking lot. We noticed the large potholes immediately. They were so large that they were bordering on being dangerous. We recommended asphalt patching for the customer, because it would correct the problem and this was within the customer’s budget. The customer agreed and wanted us to start quickly, because his tenants were already complaining about the parking lot. The Asphalt Solutions Plus crew started on the parking lot in the same week. The crew worked until late in the evening, but got the work completed for the customer. Asphalt Solutions Plus was able to perform the repairs in a very effective timeframe and we stayed within the customer’s budget. We receive a lot of our work by references because we provide the highest quality of asphalt patching Bloomfield residents can appreciate, and that is why we are always recommended by our customers.

Electronics Store Needs Best Jackson Parking Lot Maintenance

A Jackson electronic retail store wanted to make sure their parking lot was in good shape for the upcoming holiday season. This is the time of the year that their store is booming. Customers come to the electronic store for the best deals for the holidays, so the store owner called Asphalt Solutions Plus for dependable parking lot maintenance in Jackson.

The Asphalt Solutions Plus specialists arrived at the store and looked over the parking lot. We inspected the parking lot thoroughly and the parking lot needed to have crack sealing done and we also recommended sealcoating and striping because these processes would add durability and strength while increasing the aesthetic appeal of the lot. The striping would be the finishing touch to the parking lot that would keep his customer’s vehicles safe when they parked. The customer agreed and our crew was scheduled to start on Monday morning. The crew arrived on time as scheduled and started cleaning the parking lot, then filling the cracks. The crew started the sealcoating, then returned the following day to do the parking lot striping. When we were done the customer said his parking lot had never looked so good. He was surely glad that he called Asphalt Solutions Plus for the best parking lot maintenance Jackson business owners and customers truly appreciated. The customer was so ecstatic with the outstanding services that our crew had provided for him that he invited us all to his big holiday sale and gave us all a thirty percent discount.

Jackson Parking Lot Sealing for New Restaurant

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Asphalt Solutions Plus received a call from a former football player living in Jackson, MI. He was thinking about opening a restaurant at an established site, but there was one problem with the current property, and that was the shabby looking parking lot. The lot was in terrible condition, and though the restaurant was prime location, he would need to have the parking lot worked on before he could even think about opening. He contacted Asphalt Solutions Plus for a maintenance, repair, and sealing quote.

The Asphalt Solutions Plus specialists arrived at the proposed new restaurant site, and agreed with the customer that the parking lot was in need of dire attention quickly. We examined the parking lot thoroughly, then offered the customer an affordable bid. He was thrilled with the price given for the best sealing Jackson had to offer, and was relieved that one part of his entrepreneurship plan was going well. The Asphalt Solutions Plus crew arrived at the restaurant to start the repairs and sealing. It took our crew several days to get the job done properly. It has been several weeks since the former football player opened his new restaurant, and he contacted us to let him know that his business is booming. Returning customers are enjoying the new ownership, and have all told him how easy it is to park there. The parking lot is now a safe and durable surface. The customer was elated that he p[ted for the the best parking lot sealing Jackson businesses depend on.

Bloomfield Asphalt Patching Helps Retailers

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 retail store contacted Asphalt Solutions Plus the other day to inquire about proper parking lot maintenance and asphalt patching Bloomfield retailers can count on. The store owner said that their store was doing a lot of business, and this meant that they were getting a ton of traffic. They had slight damages to the parking lot, but now with the added traffic the damages were slowly getting worse and worse. The owner finally called Asphalt Solutions Plus for parking lot maintenance, but they told us they didn’t want to shut down the whole parking lot for even a day, because they didn’t want to lose any business. Asphalt Solutions Plus informed the owner that we could accommodate his business while we worked on the parking lot.

The Asphalt Solutions Plus crew arrived at the store parking lot, and started some asphalt patching work. We applied patching in the lot in sections to accommodate the customer’s wishes. We were able to get the asphalt patching completed without the store having to shut down, which was one of the main priorities for the customer. Asphalt Solutions Plus understands this for businesses, and we can make sure your business and customers are not affected when we do asphalt patching Bloomfield parking lots need. Asphalt Solutions Plus has been meeting the needs of businesses in Bloomfield for over two decades. Call us today for any asphalt or parking lot maintenance needs today!

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