Kalamazoo Parking Lot Sealcoating and Striping Project

Kalamazoo business owners may not know who to turn to if they need their parking lot serviced, but there’s a paving company with over 120 years combined experience in the asphalt industry dedicated to serving southwestern Michigan. We have services like parking lot sealcoating and striping that can restore a worn lot in no time.

Trust Asphalt Solutions Plus with Your Parking Lot Needs

Here’s some parking lot sealcoating and striping best practices from Kalamazoo MI’s trusted commercial paving company, Asphalt Solutions Plus!

  • Get sealcoating early. – The best time to sealcoat your parking lot is before it’s developed issues like alligator cracking that need to be fixed, so it’s a good idea to sealcoat even a newly installed parking lot to protect it from wear.
  • Get sealcoating often. – For commercial asphalt that sees a lot of vehicle traffic, you should get sealcoating services yearly. Less busy parking lots can get sealed every 2 – 3 years.
  • Asphalt sealcoating is the best service to get before line striping. – Not only does it protect your parking lot, sealcoating creates a smooth, dark surface that not only lets traffic paint adhere better but also makes parking lines and symbols more visible.
  • Don’t let your parking lot lines get faded. – Parking lines and traffic symbols need to stay bright to reduce accidents on your property.
  • Keep your parking lot ADA compliant. – Having handicapped parking spaces that are well marked and accessible is important for both liability and regulatory purposes.

Ready to upgrade and protect your parking lot in Kalamazoo MI? Asphalt Solutions Plus is waiting for your call!

Parking Lot Sealcoating FAQs

Getting your commercial parking lot sealcoated is one of the best ways to restore, preserve, and protect your asphalt pavement from weather and wear, but this cost-effective paving service needs to be performed by a professional paving contractor. In Battle Creek Michigan, the trusted paving company is Asphalt Solutions Plus. We have over two decades experience with asphalt paving services like sealcoating, so we can restore your parking lot to full function in no time.

Parking Lot Sealcoating FAQs

Here’s some common questions commercial property managers and business owners have about sealcoating their parking lot.

How Does Asphalt Sealcoating Work?

While there are different formulations of pavement sealants, the basic sealcoating process involves spreading a especially mixed coating made up of asphalt binders and polymer additives over the surface of your parking lot using sprayers or squeegees.

What Are the Main Benefits of Sealcoating?

  • Fills minor cracks and holds crumbling pavement together.
  • Extends the life of your parking lot by preventing sun damage and physical wear.
  • Gives a nice, smooth black surface look.
  • Provides a perfect surface for painting parking stall lines and other pavement markings.

How Often Should I Sealcoat My Parking Lot?

First, you should apply a coating within a year of asphalt installation. For high traffic parking lots, once every two years is best, but sealcoating can be applied once every five years for lower traffic areas.

What Should I Do Before Getting a Parking Lot Sealcoat Applied?

Nothing! Your paving contractor should take care of everything. That said, they will most likely perform a thorough pavement inspection, clean the pavement, fill small cracks, and then apply a sealcoat.

Asphalt Solutions Plus: Your Parking Lot Sealcoating Experts

If you want to bring new life to your commercial parking lot in the Battle Creek MI area, you need professional asphalt sealcoating. Contact one of the pavement experts at Asphalt Solutions Plus right away to find out what we can do for your pavement.

The Cost of Parking Lot Sealcoating in Battle Creek MI

Commercial property owners have a lot of assets to manage, and their pavement can easily get overlooked. This can be a mistake, though, as a beautiful and safe parking lot is a huge part of a business’ curb appeal. Even in manufacturing or industrial properties, a safe parking lot keeps wear on company vehicles low and keeps employees safe.

To keep commercial pavement in good repair, you need parking lot maintenance services from a reputable paving company. Asphalt Solutions Plus, Battle Creek MI’s premier asphalt paving company, has been providing these services to central Michigan property owners for over twenty years.

One of the best maintenance services for your parking lot is asphalt sealcoating, where your trusted local paving company spreads a thin coat of asphalt binder over the surface. Property owners are rightfully concerned about costs, so here’s a breakdown of costs for this paving service.

Cost of Parking Lot Sealcoating in Battle Creek MI

  • There are different factors that contribute to asphalt sealcoating costs, including:
  • Size of your parking lot, since most paving jobs are calculated per square foot
  • Complexity of design, such as islands in the lot, which can affect labor costs
  • Maintenance services like crack sealing that might need to be performed first
  • Other services like line striping that need to be performed after

In general, the square foot cost for sealcoating in Michigan is between $1.25 and $1.50 per square foot for both labor and materials.

Asphalt Solutions Plus: Your Local Parking Lot Sealcoating Experts

In Battle Creek MI, Asphalt Solutions Plus is the leading paving company for pavement maintenance services like sealcoating. With our experience with paving, we can help you restore your asphalt parking lot. Contact us today for a pavement inspection.

Battle Creek Parking Lot Sealcoat Adds Curb Appeal For Boutique

Asphalt Solutions Plus was scheduled to give service to a business owner in Battle Creek. The business owner, wanted us to sealcoat her parking lot. The owner had a small boutique and her parking lot was looking unattractive. We are glad that she called us out when she did because sealcoating a parking lot will protect it and bring an amazing curb appeal that business owners need to attract people.

New lot sealing project begins

The Asphalt Solutions Plus crew arrived promptly on time on Saturday at the customer’s request. She wanted us to do the sealcoating when her business was not operating. We immediately cleaned the parking lot then filled a few cracks that needed filling prior to the sealcoating. The crew then sealcoated the parking lot. We contacted the customer on Monday morning to get her opinion on the sealcoating. The customer said she was thrilled when she pulled up to her business, because the parking lot looked phenomenal. She said she was thrilled with our services. We asked her how she came to hire us, and she said she did a search on Google, and our company appeared. She said she went through the reviews that were left, and all the customer reviews were good, then she had us give her a bid, which she could afford. The customer said she would return to give us a review, which she did. The review said, “I can’t thank the team at Asphalt Solutions Plus enough for doing an amazing job sealcoating my parking lot. They really went above what I expected. A very professional team, with affordable prices. I would recommend their services.”

Asphalt Solutions Plus would like to thank you for trusting us with your parking lot, and business. We would like to thank you for the kind words you left us in your review. It really means a lot to us when our customers leave us a review, because it lets potential customers know that we do exactly what we say, “We promise outstanding asphalt services.” We wanted to let you know that we also provide other services that you may want to take advantage of for your parking lot, such as snow removal, patching, striping, and total maintenance. Contact us anytime, and we can go over our services with you.

For more information on our pavement maintenance services, click here!

Battle Creek Parking Lot Striped Adds Safety and Visible Lines

Asphalt Solutions Plus was scheduled to give service to a customer in Battle Creek. The customer, James, wanted to have his parking lot striped. It’s a good thing that the customer called us when he did, because his current parking lot striping was almost completely faded, which is a danger for his customers. We arrived promptly on time, as scheduled to get the parking lot ready for the striping.

The crew done all the parking lot striping, then invited the customer to take a look. The customer said the job looked great. He said that he needed it done for some time, so he did a search online to find a local company, and our company had the best reviews, and experience.

Happy Lot marking customer in Battle Creek

The customer returned online and added a review. The review said, “Asphalt Solutions Plus did a great job for my parking lot. Not only were they on-time, but the crew was courteous, professional and prompt. Thank you.” Asphalt Solutions Plus would like to thank you for trusting us with your parking lot striping. We have been providing pavement maintenance for local Battle Creek businesses for over twenty years. We have other services that will benefit your parking lot, so your parking lot is safe and appealing. We offer parking lot sealcoating, patching, and total maintenance. Contact Asphalt Solutions Plus if you need any additional services done to your parking lot. For more information on Asphalt Solutions Plus, click here!

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