A retail store recently opened up a new pharmacy after building an expansion to the building. They needed some extra spaces repaved to handle the traffic that they were expecting for the pharmacy. They called the top paving contractor in Lansing, MI, which was Asphalt Solutions Plus. We let the store owner that they called the right paving contractor, because Asphalt Solutions Plus will recommend the appropriate services for the project.

Our expert staff met with the customer and we gave her the estimate that she could afford. The staff returned to the store two days later to repave the parking spaces. Once we had the spaces repaved we let the customer know that we could keep the entire parking lot in good working order with our parking lot maintenance services. We told the customer that we had a wide range of maintenance services, which include sealcoating, striping, sweeping, and more, and our maintenance services would prevent her from having costly repairs in the future. The customer said she would definitely think about that, because Asphalt Solutions Plus is her personal paving contractor in Lansing. She said the parking lot spaces look great and just what she was wanting and needing. The customer said that she knows that her regular customers and new customers would take advantage of having a pharmacy with the store, so they could do all their shopping in one area. Asphalt Solutions Plus is happy that we could meet the expectations and become her paving contractor in Lansing.

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