Battle Creek MI’s trusted paving company, Asphalt Solutions Plus, is always ready to help our local businesses and municipalities keep visitors to their properties safe with asphalt repairs, all without interrupting use for too long. We were recently able to help a local hospital with their parking lot, which was too small and had some common pavement issues.

During our initial consultation with the hospital’s property manager, we found out that the lot had several islands that were deteriorating and interrupting traffic flow. Our expert asphalt inspection also uncovered some pavement issues like cracks and potholes that would be best fixed by repaving. With this in mind, we decided to completely remove all the parking islands, then repave the entire parking lot.

To reduce business interruptions, our crews worked in sections to revamp the hospital parking lot. First we excavated the parking islands, broke up and removed all soil, concrete, and broken asphalt. Next, we used special asphalt milling equipment to remove the top asphalt layer and leave an evenly textured surface that will let new asphalt adhere. Then we applied a layer of fresh asphalt and leveled it. Finally, we painted parking lines on the new asphalt, creating dozens of new parking spaces on the repaved lot.

If your commercial property has seen better days, you can trust that the parking lot experts at Asphalt Solutions Plus have the right equipment and processes to get your asphalt pavement back to full function. We’ll also bring your parking lot back to life in a timely manner so you don’t lose business!

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