Asphalt Solutions Plus was scheduled to do an asphalt patching service for a customer in Battle Creek. The customer, Fred, had several potholes in his asphalt along with high and low spots that needed to be leveled. It’s a good thing that the customer called us out when he did, because leaving asphalt unrepaired will end up causing major damages, which leads to costly repairs for the customer. The Asphalt Solutions Plus crew arrived on time, as scheduled. The crew started filling the potholes then working on leveling it, so there weren’t high and low spots. The crew made sure that it was draining properly then we added a sealcoat to protect and add durability. We invited the customer to look over the finished result and give us his final approval. The customer looked at the work done and said, ” it looks great guys!” He said he needed to have the work done for a while, but just kept putting it off. We asked him how he heard about our company and he said he did a search online. He said he had two companies come give him an estimate, but our company was the only one that backed their work with a warranty, and our price was affordable. We thanked the customer for choosing us, and we finished cleaning up, then left. Asphalt Solutions Plus noticed that this customer left us feedback, which said. “The crew at Asphalt Solutions Plus did an excellent job repairing my potholes and leveling the dips out. They arrived on-time and worked until the job was finished. I highly recommend this company because they did a wonderful job and the price never altered one bit!”

We would like to thank you for choosing us for your asphalt patching. Asphalt Solutions Plus would also like to thank you for trusting us. We have been the leader in asphalt repairs and services for nearly two decades. We do all types of asphalt services, which include repairs, installations, and maintenance. Asphalt Solutions Plus would like to be the asphalt provider that you turn to for all your asphalt needs. Contact us anytime, and we will be right out!

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