Recently, Asphalt Solutions Plus was contacted by a church in Ann Arbor for parking lot maintenance work. The church had many cracks as well as potholes however, only sealcoating was in the church budget for the season.

Sealcoating Project Goes well

Asphalt Solutions scheduled the project for sealcoating and it became clear that the church couldn’t continue to have traffic in the main entrance with all the potholes. Asphalt Solutions repaired several potholes for the church as a additional service and went above and beyond throughout the project. The pastor and church board were so very thankful for the generosity and timeliness of Asphalt Solutions that they sent a card to show their thankfulness.

The church parking lot is now functional, safe and looks great. Another example of our team doing whatever it takes for our customers. Call today to schedule your project!  

Canton Paving Company Helps Store with Shopping Season

A large department store was gearing up for the holidays, and called the paving company Canton businesses trust. We got the call at Asphalt Solutions Plus to help them with parking lot maintenance, which they needed so that none of their business would be interrupted during the holidays. Asphalt Solutions Plus met with the department store owner so we could see exactly what he wanted done to his parking lot. The owner said he wanted us to do any parking lot maintenance that it needed because November and December is the busiest times of the year and he wanted to make sure that his customers had a safe parking lot for them and their cars.

The Asphalt Solutions Plus paving specialists looked over the parking lot and let the owner know that the parking lot needed to have several cracks and potholes filled, then a nice sealcoating would be attractive, and yet provide the asphalt with strength and durability that is needed for all the traffic that the parking lot would be receiving. The owner agreed, and our team returned Monday morning to start the maintenance work. By Friday, the team had the maintenance performed and the parking lot was ready for the busy holiday traffic. The owner was delighted that our team was able to do this so quickly and efficiently. He said he would be sure to call us anytime he needed work done to his parking lot in the future because we were the paving company Canton shoppers would appreciate.

Electronics Store Needs Best Jackson Parking Lot Maintenance

A Jackson electronic retail store wanted to make sure their parking lot was in good shape for the upcoming holiday season. This is the time of the year that their store is booming. Customers come to the electronic store for the best deals for the holidays, so the store owner called Asphalt Solutions Plus for dependable parking lot maintenance in Jackson.

The Asphalt Solutions Plus specialists arrived at the store and looked over the parking lot. We inspected the parking lot thoroughly and the parking lot needed to have crack sealing done and we also recommended sealcoating and striping because these processes would add durability and strength while increasing the aesthetic appeal of the lot. The striping would be the finishing touch to the parking lot that would keep his customer’s vehicles safe when they parked. The customer agreed and our crew was scheduled to start on Monday morning. The crew arrived on time as scheduled and started cleaning the parking lot, then filling the cracks. The crew started the sealcoating, then returned the following day to do the parking lot striping. When we were done the customer said his parking lot had never looked so good. He was surely glad that he called Asphalt Solutions Plus for the best parking lot maintenance Jackson business owners and customers truly appreciated. The customer was so ecstatic with the outstanding services that our crew had provided for him that he invited us all to his big holiday sale and gave us all a thirty percent discount.

Sealcoating a Parking Lot in Jackson, MI

Parking Lot Sealcoating Jackson, MI

Sealcoating is a great way to return your Parking Lot to that “like new” look.  Nothing greets your Parking Lot Users like fresh, clean, shiny black asphalt.  Sealcoating is also a critical step in maintaining your Parking lot and extending the life of the asphalt surface.

Parking Lot Sealcoating Jackson, MI

Recent Sealcoating Project

Our team does a ton of work throughout Jackson, MI.  Local businesses and property owners know of our commitment to service and our quality first mentality.  Parking lots are a very important part of any commercial building and the function and look needs to be great.
We received a call from a Jackson Property manager who handles a large number of commercial property in the area.  She had recently taken over a new property and wanted an assessment of the condition of the lot and what would be needed for maintenance on an ongoing basis.  Our team inspected the lot and found that things were draining well, with minimal problems areas and the asphalt was in fairly good condition.  It was our recommendation to not repave the lot and it had years left of use in it’s curent asphalt.  The best course of action was to sealcoat the lot and fill some small cracks.  The property manager was pleasantly surprised that the asphalt had plenty of life left and that sealcoating would help extend the life as well.

Winter Weather and Asphalt

What exactly does harsh winter weather do to asphalt?

Winter weather with the freeze and thaw cycles cause the asphalt to contract and expand, forming those notorious cracks.  Once a crack appears, water seeps in underneath the asphalt, causing faster erosion of the sub level.  This eroding leads to those ugly potholes.

Therefore, it’s important cracks in the asphalt are addressed as soon as you the cracks appear.

Property managers and business owners should do a walk around their property and note any pavement defects found.  If any trouble spots are found, it’s time to make repairs.  CALL NOW before these problem areas become worse.  Depending on the size of a repair, Asphalt Solutions Plus offers products and a wide range of service solutions specially designed to fix particular structural and cosmetic issues before it becomes extremely costly.

Even if your asphalt is tired and lived it’s life, we offer many paving solutions … not just one.

Let us come and evaluate what winter has done to your property!

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