Recently, Asphalt Solutions Plus was contacted by a church in Ann Arbor for parking lot maintenance work. The church had many cracks as well as potholes however, only sealcoating was in the church budget for the season.

Sealcoating Project Goes well

Asphalt Solutions scheduled the project for sealcoating and it became clear that the church couldn’t continue to have traffic in the main entrance with all the potholes. Asphalt Solutions repaired several potholes for the church as a additional service and went above and beyond throughout the project. The pastor and church board were so very thankful for the generosity and timeliness of Asphalt Solutions that they sent a card to show their thankfulness.

The church parking lot is now functional, safe and looks great. Another example of our team doing whatever it takes for our customers. Call today to schedule your project!  

University Administration Requests Ann Arbor Paving Bid

Recently, Asphalt Solutions Plus received a call from a university building administrator. The administrator was needing the entrance to a building repaired quickly since it was beginning to damage vehicles and become a nuisance. He called the best company for paving Ann Arbor offers, which was Asphalt Solutions Plus.

We met with the administrator to inspect the entrance damage and give him a thorough estimate. We agreed with the administrator that the paving needed to be repaired as soon as possible, because someone may become injured or they would be responsible for extensive vehicle damages. Our crew gave him the estimate and he asked us to start on the repairs as soon as we could. We let him know that we could return first thing the following morning, which we did. The crew started patching potholes and filling cracks, then applied sealcoating to add strength and durability to the paving. The crew was able to have the repairs done for the customer within two days. The university’s administrator and other facility members were so happy to see the repairs were done and thanked Asphalt Solutions Plus for providing outstanding paving Ann Arbor students and visitors would appreciate. The customer said that he doesn’t have to worry now that the paving is fixed. He said that it doesn’t look good for the university when maintenance isn’t performed. We were glad to perform great service for a client in need.

Ann Arbor Paving Contractor Needed at Bagel Shop

Asphalt Solutions Plus had recently provided asphalt work for an Ann Arbor bagel shop. The Ann Arbor bagel shop owner needed to have their back space repaved after years of trucks coming in and out with deliveries. The constant traffic of heavy trucks along with the Mother Nature and chemicals had start to take its effect on the asphalt, so the owner called the best paving contractor Ann Arbor had to offer, and we were glad their production of fresh, hot bagels would be uninterrupted thanks to Asphalt Solutions Plus.

The Asphalt Solutions Plus crew started the repaving process. Our crew first cleaned the area, then they filled any holes or cracks that were made in the space. Once these important steps were done our crew repaved the back space. The crew done this without one interruption of the business. We made sure that the bagel shop could still perform their business as usual while we performed our services. The owner of the shop stopped by when our crew was cleaning up to leave the project. He said he was pleasantly surprised that we were able to work around the deliveries and pickups that the shop was doing. He said the asphalt looked great and was glad he contacted Asphalt Solutions Plus because we were the qualified paving contractor Ann Arbor bagel lovers would really appreciate. He offered each one of our crew members a hot, fresh bagel and thanked us all for doing an amazing job.


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